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Automatic Pump Control

The Control Pump is a device for the automatic control and protection of electric pumps. This patented system, includes specal electronic sensors of flow and pressure integrated in the electronic circuit, which controls the correct working of the electric pump and keeps the pressure and the flow constant. Moreover, it has a safety system against pump dry working. the Control Pump replaces the traditional expansion tank, pressostat, retention valve and level switches, with the advantage of smaller dimensions and the elimination of periodical maintenance. It works starting automatically the electrical pump when any point of the installation is opened and it closes the pump ~after 10 seconds of temporization~ at closing the using point.


  • No maintenance
  • Installation time saving
  • Protection against water hammer effect
  • Compact and reduced dimensions
  • Removal of protecting devices (level switches)
  • Avoids the pump oversizing using integratelly their flow-pressure curve
  • Integrated protection system again dry working for lack of water

Technical Features

Starting pressure : Model F12: 1,2 bar
Model F15: 1,5 bar
Model F22: 2,2 bar
Model R: from 1,5 to 2,5 bar
Maximum pressure : 10 bar
Connecting threads : G1 - ISO 228
Operation Temperature : 0 - 60ºC
I.P. protection degree : IP 65
Nominal voltage : 1~ 220 - 240V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Max. intensity : 16(8)A - 1,5kW (2HP)
Max. flow : 10m3/hour
Nett weight : 0,810 Kg (model FM)