Motor pompa submersible merek terkenal seperti CRI, SUMOTO, AQUISTAR dan lainnya dengan kualitas terjamin serta service yang memuaskan.

‘R’ Serie

These motors are hermetically sealed, encapsulated and water lubricated type with removable cable lead out. The stator windings are of enameled copper wire and the wound stator is mounted in a stainless steel shell and is completely protected by a stainless steel cylinder and stator room is pre-filled with resin. The resin filled in the space between the stator & the stainless steel cylinder dissipates heat quickly resulting in longer motor life. Except stator, other portions of the motor is pre-filled with deionised water containing propylene glycol (anti-freeze agent) which serves as coolant & lubricant for rotor, bushes and thrust bearing. Dynamically balanced rotors of these motors maintain uniform clearance, thereby giving better efficiency and increase the life cycle of the water lubricated bush bearings. Specially designed high performance thrust bearings are used, that can withstand high axial thrust loads and upthrust loads with minimum wear and tear.

The unique design of thrust bearings creates a wedge of water between the shoe and the disc and thereby providing better water lubrication and increases the life cycle of the thrust bearings. Pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm is provided to balance the pressure and volume variations due to thermal expansion of the water inside the motor. Motor sealings are made by means of ‘O’ rings. Shaft seals and sand guard prevents ingress of well water, sand and fiber particles into the motor. Care should be taken to ensure that the motor does not run when it is not submerged in the water. To prevent the motor from dry running, install water level monitor / dry run preventor. The motor needs a constant flow of water passed over it’s body to keep it at correct operating temperature. Ideally the motors should be set just above the final yield point of bore well and when the level is not ascertained, fit a “flow inducer pipe” over the pumpset to ensure adequate cooling. It is mandatory to use C.R.I. Control Boxes for all motors (except 2 wire motors) with adequate protection & control systems. Mounting dimensions of these motors are in accordance with NEMA standard.


Can be easily dismantled & Repaired, Higher power factor resulting in lesser power consumption, High operating efficiency, extremely hardwearing water lubricated bearings, Specially designed thrust bearing to withstand high axial thrust loads, Larger shaft diameter for better power transmission, Corrosive resistant stainless steel body, Stator filled with resin for better heat dissipation.


These prime mover submersible motors are suitable to couple with deepwell submersible pumpends used for :

  • Residential
  • Irrigation
  • Fountains
  • Industrial water supply
  • Pressure boosting units
  • Gardens
  • Sprinkler systems and mining
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • De-watering


Nominal Dia

4” (100mm)

Maximum Outer Diameter
Power Range

96 mm (max.)
0.37 kW to 1.1 kW – Single Phase 2 wire
0.37 kW to 2.2 kW – Single 3 wire
Incorporated  with Thermal Protector upto 1.1 kW

Incorporated with Lighting arrestor upto 1.5 kW

0.37 kW to 5.5 kW – Three phase 3 wire


2900 rpm


Single Phase – 230 V, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply

Three Phase – 415 V, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply

Class of Insulation


Degree of Protection

IP 68

Direction of Rotation

CCW – Single Phase

Electrically Reversible – Three Phase

Type of Duty

S1 (continuous)

Down Thrust Load

0.37 kW to 1.5 kW – 650 Ibs / 3000N

2.2 kW to 5.5 kW – 1500 Ibs / 6500N

Minimum Cooling Flow Along the

0.15 m/sec

Maximum Temperature of Liquid


Starts per Hour

20 times


Splined as per NEMA standard

Mounting Standard

NEMA Standard

Method of Starting

Single Phase – Capacitor Start Capacitor Run (CSCR)

Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)

Three Phase – Direct On Line (DOL)

Cable Leadout

2 & 3 Wire Removable type EPDM rubber flat Cable


Material of Construction

Part Name

Type – A

Housing Shell

S.S.  – 304

Stator Shell

S.S. – 304

Thrust Pad

Carbon Graphite

Thrust Base

S.S. – 420

‘O’ Ring

Nitrile rubber (NBR)


Nitrile rubber (NBR)

Motor Base

S.S. – 304

Capacitor Chamber

Thermoplastic (2 wire)