Screen pompa dengan kualitas terjamin dari berbagai merek seperti AQUISTAR dan lainnya.


Has been manufacturing ‘Continuous Slot’ Well Screens for over 20 years. We have developed our product to where some have referred to us as the “Rolls Royce” of well screens.

Our Water Well Screens are manufactured by wrapping a profiled wire around an internal array of longitudinal rods. We utilize the best electronically controlled welding system to fuse the profiled ‘wrap’ and the support rods while maintaining accurate slot opening tolerances, according to DIN 4935.

Our screens are manufactured in dimensional ranges from 1in to 14in outer diameter and in lengths up to 6 meter, with continuous slot openings ranging from 0.006” to 0.500”. we can custom build to your specifications to suit all aquifer conditions and gravel pack materials.

All our screens are built to meet your exact requirements, allowing you the maximum flow through open area while maintaining the necessary collapse strength and column load resistance. Resistance to hydrostatic pressure in the well is directly related to the cross sectional area of the profiled wrap, per unit length of the screen. The larger this cross sectional area, the more force resistance to collapse forces. Larger cross sectional area of support rods allows the screen to withstand higher column loads and hanging weights.

We manufacture our water well screens out of stainless steel 304, 316 and low carbon galvanized steels as per your needs. The screens can be fitted with weld rings, threaded male and female fittings or just left open.

As a water well will only yield as much water as the open area will permit. It should therefore be noted that the ‘Continuous Slot’ ‘V’ shape wire screens have much more open area than the less popular slotted or bridge screens. This alone ensures maximum yields. A longer trouble free life span and lower pumping costs. Another feature of the ‘V’ shape profiled wire is that it allows only two points of contact for particles of sand and gravel which can otherwise obstruct the flow of water. These particles are not given the area in which to wedge themselves in the wrap and clog up the screen rendering it ineffective.


Pipe Base Well Screens

We manufacture the standard ‘Slip-on’ type of pipe base well screens. The ‘slip-on’ pipe base well screen is produced from two main components. These being the API approved or API standard casing and the continuous slot “V” shape well screen. The pipe base is selected by you the customer to meet the requirements of each individual job, and the wire wrap screen, also referred to as the ‘jacket’ is applied to the outside as an extra layer.

Once we have your exact specifications of grade and thickness for the pipe it will then be cut to the overall length required, with a ‘pin’ threaded fitting applied to each end. Fach pipe base screens is supplied with one ‘box’ threaded coupling, also in the size and specification as laid out bye the customer.

The casing is then perforated with a longitudinal series of holes in the predetermined pattern and size to suit each application depending on the yield required and in order to carefully balance flow rates at each end of the screen. The holes are then deburred and cleaned, then the casing given a final inspection to measure cleanliness and size of the perforations.

Our ‘slip-on’ screens are manufactured to a very exact set of specifications. These being, diameter, overall length, gauge of the wire, strength and tolerance levels. This can only be done by selecting the required wire profile and support rods, which determine the correct flow capacity and strength of the slip-on screen.

It is necessary to select a profiled wire that will give a slightly greater open area than that of the perforated pipe base. This will give the pipe base screen optimum flow capacity and minimum pressure drop capacity and minimum pressure drop across the full length of the screen.

Due to the large number of support rods and consequently large number pf welds per unit length, our slip-on screens are strong enough to handle the most extreme of down-hole conditions.

AquiStar Screen Pipe’s slip-on screens are manufactured from stainlesssteel #304 grade. However other materials such as #316 or Low Carbon Galvanized Steels are available shoul the well condition require such materials. For example, when the well conditions are such that the total dissolved solids are geater than 10,000 ppm, or the bottom hole temperature is higher than 165 degrees Fahrenheit. In these conditions we would recomended the use of #316 stainless steel because of the higher nickle content and the existance of molybdenum which has greater corrosion resistance properties.

Due to the extra heavy nature of the pipe base screens, we will always pack these in a layer of wooden slats, in order to fully protect them during their journey. The ‘box’ threaded fitting will always be applied tightly, and thread protectors can be fitted in order to further protect the threaded fittings while in transit.

Once the pipe base screens have been completed a full list of specifications can be carefully stenciled to the ‘collar’ section of casing. This will allow you to tell at a glance the size, weight and overall length of the screen. Company details can also be applied should you require them.