About Us

Mojopahit Mandiri Jaya Sentosa

PT. Mojopahit Mandiri Jaya Sentosa is a company brand submersible pumps agencies CRI Pumps that have broad coverage to all sectors of the market in Indonesia, and continues to maintain its credibility through relationships maintained. Service products / services are carried out systematically with due emphasis on quality proportionally supported professionals. Market penetration and implementation is carried out in accordance with modern management.


PT. Mojopahit Mandiri Jaya Sentosa is a distributor of submersible pumps capable of servicing the product distribution diageninya implementation that always maintain profitability through relationship wakefulness. The service is carried out systematically on the quality in proportion as it is supported by experts in their field kompoten.

As time went on his way PT. Mojopahit Mandiri Jaya Sentosa is increasingly recognized and confidence of its customers closer in Jakarta and outside Jakarta, with the motto:

“Customer Relationships and Trust is Our Asset”

And to achieve that goal then in early 2011 PT. Contractor Mojopahit changed its name to Mojopahit Mandiri Jaya Sentosa .