Deepwell Submersible Pumps – Evergreen Series

C.R.I. 6″ & 8″ Evergreen series submersible pumps are available with different material of construction. Pumps are incorporated with externally hardwearing bearing and built in Stainless Steel Check valve. All vital components of these pumps are designed for the best possible hydraulic efficiency. All the bronze components are made of zinc free bronze to resist corrosion and to withstand wear and tear caused by sand. The Shaft made of SS 431 ensures the long life of the pump. Pumps are multistage centrifugal type, which are firmly coupled to submersible electric motor which operates submerged beneath the surface of water. Built in check valve prevents the back flow and reduces the risk of water hammering. All mounting dimension of pump are accordance with NEMA standard.



Nominal Diameter. 6” 8”
Maximum Outer Dia. 144 mm 195 mm
Power Range 3.7 kW – 110 kW 5.5 kW -93 kW
Speed 2900 rpm 2900 rpm
Discharge Range 9.0-83 m³/h 20-187 m³/h
Head Range 2.0-272 m 3.0-345 m
Max. Liquid Temperature 30° C 30° C
Max. Operating Pressure 2.72MPa (27.2 bar) 3.7MPa (37 bar)
Permissible amount of Sand 50 g/m³ (Max) 50 g/m³ (Max)
Allowable Solids 3000 ppm (Max) 3000 ppm (Max)
Turbidity 50 ppm Silica Scale (Max) 50 ppm Silica Scale (Max)
Outlet Size 2½”,3” & 4” 3”,4″,5” & 6”


  • Best operating efficiency
  • Extremely hardwearing water lubricatedbearings
  • Highly durable
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  • Can handle more upthrust loads
  • Available M.O.C. : Type C

Material of Constructions:

Part Name Type – C
Check valve Housing Cast Iron
Check valve disc Stainless Steel 304
Check valve seat Nitrile Rubber
Impeller Bronze
Diffuser chamber Cast Iron
Suction Inter connector Cast Iron
Inlet Screen Stainless Steel 304
Pump shaft Stainless Steel 410/431
Cable guard Stainless Steel 304
Coupling Stainless Steel 329


  • irrigation Irrigation
  • Civil-water-supply Civil Water Supply
  • fountains Fountains
  • Industrial & Rural Water Supply Industrial & Rural Water Supply
  • Fire-fighting Fire Fighting
  • pressure-boosting-units Pressure Boosting Units
  • Gardens Gardens
  • >Sprinkler Systems Sprinkler Systems
  • Mining Mining


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